Rallye Raid EnduroX

Kob Inn

2019 has proved to be such a crazy busy year … We’ve had to postpone this trip for now.  Watch this space … dates will be anounced soon for our 2020 Rallye Raid Enduro event. This has become one of our most popular events that is well-known for guys leaving with new friends and memories of awesome routes, great hotels and of course, big parties.

We usually book out the beautiful Kobb Inn Hotel on the Wild Coast.

With years of experience exploring the Wild Coast, our team have found the best routes the area has to offer, we have 3 days of awesome riding planned for you.

The weekend is targeted at Single Cylinder bikes of any capacity, and there will be 2 routes – Mild or Wild. The Mild route could be classified as 690-friendly and would typically suit a bronze rider.

The Wild route will divert off the Mild from time to time, and create some challenging, hard core Enduro sections which will be mostly silver with one or two gold pieces thrown in. There will always be an escape route back to Mild route available.

If you have not yet ridden the picturesque Wild Coast then this is an absolute must for the Bucket List!

We are even offering a chauffeur service for PE riders at R600p.p which will get you and your bike to Kob Inn and back.


enduro x Itinerary

14:00 – 20:00 – Arrival

Arrive at Kob Inn and Register. Rallye Raid Sticker, number board and some cool clothing will make up your Goodie Bag.

19:00 – Dinner

Kob Inn dinner ….. a 3 course meal courtesy of Chef Dean.

 20:00 – Riders Briefing

Riders briefing and what lies ahead. Darryl Curtis will do a GPS clinic and some downloads of tracks.

20:30 – Night Caps

Perhaps a few quiet ones in the pub. Take it easy though boys, a long day awaits you.

07:00 – Breakfast

Another awesome breakfast awaits.

08:00 – Let’s go!

Group heads out on MILD route into the Qora gorge … Our Playground for Day 1.

13:00 – Lunch

Lunch at the home of the Great White Shark … Mazeppa Bay.

15:00 – Chill Time

Last rider should get home to Kob Inn. Pop down to the awesome beach or laze around the pool with a cold one.

19:00 – Dinner

A roast is on the chef’s menu 🙂

20:00 – Awards  

Awards evening in the pub with Dick and Spirit of the day. Kob Inn has one of the finest pubs and our Captain Morgan special will hot things up!

07:00 – Breakfast

A delicious cooked breakfast awaits. Come to breakfast ready for action

08:00 – RIDE!

This time we head out north to the Jujura, Shixini and Ngadla gorges. The drag race down the airstrip for some great prizes is always hotly contested.

13:00 – Lunch

Lunch will typically be overlooking Shixini point and you will all carry your own lunchpacks as vehicle access is limited.

14:00 – Competition Time

Meet on the airfield for some barrel racing, slow racing and a wheelie competition.

15:00 – Arrive back at Kob Inn


16:00 – Beer O’Clock

Beers on the beach courtesy of Namibian Breweries.

17:00 – 18:00 – Happy Hour

Meet in the bar for some sundowner drinks specials.

20:00 – Seafood Extravaganza

Seafood extravaganza followed by great music and a good party in the bar is guaranteed!

 07:00 – Breakfast

Pack up after breakfast and head for home loaded with great memories


What bikes are suitable?
There are 2 routes namely MILD and WILD. The MILD would be typical of an easy Roof Bronze and a 690 with a skilled pilot would be OK and the WILD is for an Enduro Bike, electric start being preferable.

There are 2 Rallye Raids, we have just had the Adventure weekend in Hogsback targeting the Big Boys i.e. Africa Twin, 1090’s etc . The Rallye Raid Enduro X is targeted at Enduro bikes only and single cylinders.

Can I ride both routes?
A lot of the route is on the MILD and each day we have about 5 sections that branch off the MILD and become WILD. You can attempt it and if unsuccessful you can track back to MILD and carry on. We will be offering assistance on these climbs with some PRO Riders helping out and coaching. You could be “chicked” as Kirsty Landman will be working on some of these sections and offering advice and a helping hand … No pressure boys!!


This is dirt bike heaven with the gorges of Qora, Shixini & Jujura being the playground for famous routes like Coconuts, Seths, Manubi, Skeleton, Snakebite etc.

Can I bring my wife along?
The Kob Inn Beach Resort is one of the finest hotels on the Wild Coast and you will be blown away. If you want to bring your wife/girlfriend along the additional cost will be R1500p.p and that covers all meals and accommodation.
What is the road like to Kob Inn Beach Resort?
It’s a tar road all the way except the last 33km, which is a good gravel road.
Is there a transport option for me and my bike?
RAD have a package available and for the PE boys, Red Cherry will also do a transport of Bike and Body. Email dave@radmoto.co.za or tim@redcherry.co.za if interested.

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