Awesome HOGSBACK riding terrain

Rallye Raid adventure

hogsback – 21-24 March 2019

The 2019 Rallye Raid brings us back to the most beautiful forest riding – Hogsback, a riding paradise. With Great music, an awesome crowd and lots of riding, this is definitely not one to be missed.

Starting at Hogsback taking off into the forest and making your way around past Queenstown and over the famous Katberg pass and back again.

You will ride the most unbelievable forests and 4x4 track that Hogsback has to offer, with 2 easy routes each day, you have the option of bringing the Mrs’s along for the weekend.

With Hogsback being riding paradise the event sees more and more riders each year.










adventure Itinerary

14:00 – 20:00 – Arrival

Arrive at Hogsback Inn and Register.  Rallye Raid Sticker, number board and some cool clothing will make up your Goodie Bag.

19:00 – Dinner

Hogsback dinner ….. a delicious meal awaits.

20:00 – Riders Briefing

Riders briefing and what lies ahead.

20:30 – Night Caps

Perhaps a few quiet ones in the pub. Take it easy though boys, a long day awaits you.

07:00 – Breakfast

Another awesome breakfast awaits.

08:00 – Let’s go!

13:00 – Lunch

15:00 – Chill Time

19:00 – Dinner

20:00 – Awards  

07:00 – Breakfast

08:00 – RIDE!

13:00 – Lunch

15:00 – Arrive back at hogsback Inn

16:00 – Beer O’Clock

19:00 – dinner

 07:00 – Breakfast

Pack up after breakfast and head for home loaded with great memories


What bikes are suitable?

Any street legal adventure/sporting bike with semi off-road Knobblies as the terrain would be forest roads as well as some single track and gravel.


There are 2 Rallye Raids, we have the Adventure weekend in Hogsback targeting the Big Boys i.e. Africa Twin, 1090’s etc . The Rallye Raid Enduro X is targeted at Enduro bikes only and single cylinders.

Can I ride both routes?

Due to the distances we would ride each day you are welcome to do both routes but may run out of time. If you prefer, you can branch off onto the mild if you want to head back sooner or if the riding becomes a bit tough.

Can I bring my wife along?

Hogsback is one of the most beautiful locations in the eastern cape and you will be blown away. If you want to bring your wife/girlfriend along the additional cost will be R1500p.p and that covers all meals and accommodation.

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