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Rallye Raid 2017, 9-12 March - The Haven - Wild Coast

Hi Rallye Raiders,

The 2016 event staged at Mazeppa Bay Hotel in the Wild Coast was an enormous success and the 2 new changes to Rallye Raid were extremely well received by the 70 plus riders. The 1st change was that we stayed at one location for all 3 days and the 2nd change was allowing enduro bikes into the Rallye Raid mix.

Adventure or Enduro Bike?

Our venues of the Wild Coast are alive and very well and are ideally suited to both Adventure Bikes and Enduro Bikes. For this reason we have opened up the more extreme  Rallye Raid 1 to Enduro bikes and Rallye Raid 2 and 3 are still perfectly suited and designed for the big adventure bikes.

This means you can now trailer both your adventure bike and enduro bike and decide which option suits you. You can mix and match between your 2 bikes as often as you like over the 3 days.

Route and Venue

Our 2017 venue will be staged at the awesome Haven Hotel situated on the coast in the Dwesa Nature Reserve.

The mighty Bashee River valley with Hole in the Wall, Coffee bay and Mdumbi offer some of the most unbelievable adventure biking routes one could wish for. The routes for Adventure bikes is a combination of awesome gravel passes, some stunning Jeep tracks and the occasional single track with frequent visits to the most beautiful coastline in the world.

For the Enduro boys, the Bashee gorge and valleys of Xora and will offer these Rallye Raid 1 riders 3 days of unbelievable technical extreme enduro riding.

Click here for details of the route.

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Package Costs

Package includes:

- 3 nights hotel accomodation at The Haven Hotel;
- 3 meals per day including lunch at new hotels on both riding days;
- Adventure Bike routes for Rallye Raid 2 and 3
- Enduro Bike routes for Rallye Raid 1
- Great Goodie Bags
- Medical back up
- Guides for Rallye Raid 1

Total package cost incl all of the above is R 3,950


Rallye Raid 2017 - The Haven, 9-12 March 2017

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