Rallye Raid Greytown 15 May - 18 May 2014


Rallye Raid 2018, 15-18 March - Kob Inn - Wild Coast

Hi Rallye Raiders,

The 2017 event staged at Haven Hotel in the Wild Coast was an enormous success and it was obvious from the amount of enduro bikes that Rallye Raid Wild Coast will become an event for Enduro Bikes.

Adventure or Enduro Bike?

Our new Wild Coast brand will Be Rallye Raid Enduro X and will be limited to all single cylinder’s.

We will be having 2 routes namely MILD and WILD.   MILD will be a softer enduro route possibly on the level of a Bronze Roof and generally will follow the WILD route but have escape options on a continual basis. This means that the WILD rider can opt to go MILD and back to WILD whenever he chooses. The WILD route will have sections of Gold Roof in it.

Those 690’s are very welcome and the MILD route will be the perfect playground for those slightly bigger bikes or less experienced rider.

Route and Venue

Our 2018 venue will be staged at the beautiful Kob Inn Hotel based on the Qora river. It is a lot easier to access with only 33km of good gravel road from the town of Willowvale.

The Qora River valley is home to the infamous “Gorge”, “Coconuts”, “Seths” and tonnes more technical enduro sections. It also gives us access to Mazeppa Bay Hotel and the Manubi State Forest. This forest has been a highlight of previous trips.

Click here for details of the route.

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Package Costs

Package includes:

- 3 nights hotel accomodation at Kob Inn;
- 3 meals per day including lunch at new hotels on both riding days;
- Adventure Bike routes for Rallye Raid 2 and 3
- Enduro Bike routes for Rallye Raid 1
- Great Goodie Bags
- Medical back up
- Guides for Rallye Raid 1

Total package cost incl all of the above is R 3,950


Rallye Raid 2018 -Kob Inn, 15-18 March 2018

Entries open soon
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